Royal Silk & Sustainability

We are raising higher awareness on environmental issues and responsible tourism within our organizations and among our local partners. We believe that with a strong cooperation and contribution from everyone, we will be able to promote responsible tourism to enhance our natural resources and sustain our cultural heritages successfully now, and in the near future.

We promote eco-friendly programs and work on community-based tourism development projects in co-operation with TEATA (Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association) and CBT-I (Community Based Tourism Institute). We always develop our sustainability standards & sustainable tourism routes giving guests opportunities to stay in green hotels, enjoy ecotourism activities and share culture as well as nature with local people.

Since 2002 our company has become an active member of Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association and chaired the board during 2004-2007. We joined the board members to manage CSR-Map Project, sponsored by the EU to develop sustainable tourism standards for tourism supply chains in
2010 as well as to create green tourism routes for the European market using the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC) as a guideline. The project won PATA Gold Awards for education and training criteria in 2014.The output of the project become the guidelines of our operation and product development until nowadays. We are proud to have contributed our expertise to the honorable success at national and international levels. We strongly believe that the sustainable tourism practice is beneficial for us all by minimizing negative impacts on our cultural heritage, natural resources, and the environment. It shall maximize socio-economy for all stakeholders in the long term. For us, sustainable tourism also means the quality of services, reliability, and professionalism in our operation

Carbon Balance

In cooperation with the Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Association, as an active member, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint in our tour products by offering trips with public transportation such as train to replace short flights and public boats instead of private vehicles. Low-carbon activities are introduced in our excursions including of walking, hiking, and cycling. We encourage our guests to use reusable bottle for drinking water and avoid usage of one-way plastic bottles. An information of the carbon footprint producing in each tour is provided for trip participants for further offset program.

We are working on the day trips and overland tour programs for the coming season with low carbon emission as an option for our partners to present to their customers, providing information of the carbon footprints of each tour for further offset.

CSR Map Project

Learn more about our award-winning Corporate Social Responsibility and Market Access Partnerships, a.k.a. CSR MAP Project.

Our Initiative

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